Gaiters & Face Masks

Our lightweight face mask and gaiters feature a one-of-a-kind fun design and sure to go great with every outfit. Our bright and colorful face mask is lightweight and made from two layers of 100% polyester. Our one-of-a-kind face mask also features adjustable elastic ear bands which make them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. To ensure a perfect fit a pair of cord locks are included with your face mask to adjust the length of the ear loops. With this face mask you are always sure to be fashionable and comfortable. Our RokBands are a multifunctional headband with a unique design that are engineered to be worn for all daily physical activities. The fabric can be folded to the width or thickness you want, you can wear it as a headband, hair band, or even like a beanie. Unrolled completely, it makes an excellent mask or scarf, but can be twisted around a ponytail like a scrunchie or worn as a wristband. With so many uses these gaiters are sure to be the perfect headband for daily wear.

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