Baseball Bag/Luggage Tag - Catcher Baseball Bag/Luggage Tag - Catcher
Baseball Bag/Luggage Tag - Catcher
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Featuring a detailed design of a catcher in action, this baseball bag tag is made from a durable plastic to withstand the rigors of traveling - or just going to and from practice. Available in three sizes, it includes a flexible loop that makes it easy to transfer from a bag to a suitcase and back. With its unique design, this tag will stand out from the rest, and optional personalization on the reverse is offered so his bag always finds its way home, For your favorite catcher, this makes a great gift for any occasion.
  • Sturdy plastic tag
  • Loop Included
  • Multiple sizes available: Small (L 3.5" X W 1.75") Medium (L 4" X W 2.75") Large (L 5.5" X W 3")
  • Option of printed personalization, blank back, or fill out personalization with permanent marker