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September 9th   |   By Katie   |   Guides

The Best Lacrosse Gifts

Our lacrosse gift ideas are perfect for anyone searching for that perfect lacrosse gift but is not sure where to start. Our products were made by lacrosse players for lacrosse players so you are sure to find a product your lacrosse player will love and cherish!
Eat Sleep Baseball Sweatshirt

The best lacrosse gifts are waiting for you! You can shop with confidence knowing our lacrosse products are made by people who love the game as much as your player does, giving them a unique touch that your lacrosse player will love. We have everything from funny lacrosse shirts to sentimental frames to gifts for lacrosse coaches and parents!

1 Lacrosse Short Sleeve Shirts

Lacrosse Short Sleeve Shirts

Our lacrosse shirts have unique and trendy designs on them, perfect for any lacrosse player looking to rep their favorite sport. We have hundreds of unique lacrosse shirts that contain designs printed on long-lasting, vibrant colors so you can give him the shirt he’ll reach for first from his closet for years to come. We also have shirts made specifically for lacrosse goalies so make sure to check out all our lacrosse t-shirt designs.


2 Lacrosse Water Bottles

Lacrosse Water Bottles

Our lacrosse water bottles are made with stainless steel and have vacuum insulation so that his drink will stay cool while he plays his best game. They also contain a looped lid, making it easy to hang on a bag or hold on to.


3 Lacrosse Sweatpants

Lacrosse Sweatpants

Our lacrosse sweatpants are supersoft and comfortable and have trendy lacrosse designs he will love. They are machine washable, pill-free, and made with quality in mind. They come in three different colors: black, gray, and blue in a variety of colors and sizes so your lacrosse player is sure to have a design he won’t want to take off.


4 Lacrosse Drawstring Backpacks

Lacrosse Drawstring Backpacks

Our lacrosse drawstring backpacks can be filled with items for practice, school, or travel. Made with nylon, our cinch bags are lightweight and easy to carry around. They also come in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose the perfect one just for him.


5Lacrosse Shorts

Lacrosse Shorts

Our lacrosse shorts can be worn at practice or when out and about! They are moisture-wicking and have exclusively made designs. With an adjustable waistband and two side pockets, our shorts are not only stylish but also practical for him to wear anywhere!


6 Lacrosse Engraved Balls

Lacrosse Engraved Balls

Our engraved lacrosse balls are unique because they can be customized with his name, number, or team name. He can display this in his room for an extra decoration or keep it in the house for everyone to see. This unique and sentimental gift makes a great present that will be cherished for years to come.


7 Lacrosse Crew Socks

Lacrosse Crew Socks

Our lacrosse socks contain fun and trendy designs! There is nothing better than adding a fun pair of socks to an outfit! They are made with moisture-wicking material, ventilation zones, and a supportive arch band. Your lacrosse player will have that extra boost of confidence when walking into school or on the field.


8 Lacrosse Slide Sandals

Lacrosse Slide Sandals

Our lacrosse slide sandals are comfortable and have designs that lacrosse players love. The best part about giving this as a gift is that the outside strap is interchangeable, allowing you to give him more than one of his soon-to-be favorite shoes. We even offer customizable options where you can add his team number or logo.


9 Lacrosse Wall Art

Lacrosse Wall Art

Our lacrosse art stands out perfectly in lacrosse bedrooms because of the unique designs and bold colors. Our lacrosse wall art is made to inspire and display the love of the game for all to see. They are 12X12 inch exclusive designs printed on canvas so your player can tile his favorite pieces together against the wall or set one up on a shelf to stand alone. No matter his style, make sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram with his latest creation!


10 Lacrosse Lounge Pants

Lacrosse Lounge Pants

Our lacrosse lounge pants are lightweight and comfortable, making them great for any time of the year. We offer multiple designs on vibrant colors that exemplify the love of the sport. These make great gifts for any holiday, especially Christmas! If you have multiple athletes in your family, consider buying lounge pants for all your players - we offer lounge pant designs for multiple other sports as well.


11 Lacrosse Blankets

Lacrosse Blankets

Our lacrosse blankets make great gifts because they can be used at home or outside. It also contains corner hand pockets so it can be hung up or held onto so it does not slip off. It has been made to not shrink, pill, or fuzz and is machine washable and dryable.


12 Lacrosse Long Sleeve Shirts

Lacrosse Long Sleeve Shirts

Our lacrosse long sleeve shirts represent the love for lacrosse with unique, motivational designs. Printed on a cotton and polyester fabric blend, these shirts are supersoft and last a long time. We also have long sleeve shirts with back designs and front designs so you can choose the perfect shirt that fits his unique style.


13 Lacrosse Pillowcases

Lacrosse Pillowcases

Is it really a lacrosse bedroom without lacrosse pillowcases? He will rest easy, ready to wake up and make his dreams a reality with our lacrosse pillowcases! Our lacrosse pillowcases fit most standard pillows and contain designs on each side so he does not have to worry about flipping it to the cold size during the night. They are also made with supersoft material and contain designs made by lacrosse players. You can get two of the same pillows or choose two unique designs that go together to add a pop of lacrosse swag to his room.


14 Lacrosse Jersey Hangers

Lacrosse Jersey Hangers

Help him display his jersey with pride using our lacrosse jersey hanger! Our hangers will help him keep his jersey looking great while being easy to access if he is in season. Your player can also customize how his jersey lays with our 16 pivot joints that help him create the shape he likes.


15 Lacrosse Frames

Lacrosse Frames

Our lacrosse frames are a great way to celebrate your lacrosse player’s best action shot, closest teammates, or favorite coach. Our lacrosse shadow box frames can be hung on the wall or they can stand alone on a table top; our printed frames hold a 4X6 inch photo in a unique frame as well! We also have frames for lacrosse coaches and parents so no one feels left out!


16 Lacrosse Towels

Lacrosse Towels

Our lacrosse towels are soft and absorbent, making them perfect for the beach, pool, or bath. They dry quickly and are machine washable as well! We offer hooded towels which can be hung over the headrest in the car or work as a pocket which can protect his phone from overheating at the beach. Make sure to explore all our designs to find the one (or two) that fits his personality the best.


17 Lacrosse Recovery Shoes

Lacrosse Recovery Shoes

Our lacrosse recovery shoes will help him recover from his lacrosse practices faster with their ACUPOINT® technology. They are lightweight, durable, and contain massaging action that helps to reduce tension, lactic acid build up, and soreness in the feet, legs, and lower back.


18 Lacrosse Joggers

Lacrosse Joggers

Our lacrosse joggers are made for athletes and are sure to be a gift he will love wearing. Not only are our designs exclusively designed and made, we offer joggers for different lacrosse positions, including attack, mid, defense, and goalie! They also come in both black and gray so you can get him two styles in different colors!


19 Lacrosse Athletic Shirts

Lacrosse Athletic Shirts

Get him one of our lacrosse athletic shirts so he can practice in style. Our athletic shirts are moisture-wicking, making them perfect for practice, a hot day, or a relaxing day at home. They also contain 40+ UV protection so he can practice rain or shine.


20 Lacrosse Bag Tags

Lacrosse Bag Tags

Our lacrosse bag tags, although small, can be made into big gifts as they are customizable. Choose to put his name, number, or team name on a bag tag so he can easily recognize it is his. You can also turn this into a team gift by ordering in bulk for each player (pro tip: we give discounts for bulk bag tag orders).


21 Lacrosse Swim Trunks

Lacrosse Swim Trunks

Our lacrosse swim trunks are made with built-in mesh liner, a back pocket, and 4-way stretch making them comfortable and functional. They dry quickly while containing designs that all lacrosse players will want for themselves.


22 Lacrosse Ornaments

Lacrosse Ornaments

Combine his favorite holiday and his favorite sport with our lacrosse ornaments! We have funny designs like Santa Claus playing lacrosse to lacrosse goalie ornaments! We also have great coach lacrosse ornaments that make great Christmas gifts!


23 Lacrosse Sweatshirts

Lacrosse Sweatshirts

Keep him warm during the winter or cozy during a summer night with our lacrosse sweatshirt collection. We sell hundreds of lacrosse sweatshirts with different styles, colors, and designs. We also have designs specifically made for the holidays so he doesn’t miss an opportunity to show off his love for the sport.


24 Lacrosse Workout Journals

Lacrosse Workout Journals

Our lacrosse workout journals will enable him to take his training to the next level. Our workout journals contain all the essentials so he can productively track his progress, including a stats tracker, training goals, notes, and over 150 pages where he can log his daily workouts.


25 Lacrosse Dad Gifts

Lacrosse Dad Gifts

We have an entire lacrosse shop for lacrosse dads! We are a family-owned business so we know the role a parent can play in training and encouraging their kids in sports. That is why we created an entire shop to celebrate the lacrosse dads in the world!


26 Lacrosse Mom Gifts

Lacrosse Mom Gifts

We know the efforts a lacrosse mom goes to in order to help her player perform at his best level. Whether she is coaching him, driving him to practice, or helping him pack all his gear, we never want to miss an opportunity to celebrate the support of a lacrosse mom.


27 Lacrosse Coaches

Lacrosse Coaches

Celebrate the commitment and dedication of your lacrosse coach with our lacrosse coach presents. We have products that will help your player say thank you in a unique and meaningful way. Shop all of our unique gifts that your player’s coach will cherish for years.


28 Lacrosse Babies

Lacrosse Babies

Are you a lacrosse family? Make sure the smallest member of your family has lacrosse swag too! With our lacrosse baby apparel, your lacrosse baby will watch his or her first games in style. Our bibs and one pieces are made with soft material and have adorable designs on them.


Do you have a girls lacrosse player? Make sure to explore our girls lacrosse gift ideas too! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest deals and newest designs.

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