Football Bag/Luggage Tag - USA Football Football Bag/Luggage Tag - USA Football
Football Bag/Luggage Tag - USA Football
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Our patriotic hard plastic football bag tag has an all-American design and is easy to personalize with identifying information on back for a great gift. The eye-catching tags are designed in three different sizes to accommodate any bag or luggage and look great hanging from a backpack or other everyday bag to make a bold statement of pride in the sport and the country. The flexible clear plastic loop is easy to attach to any bag of choice for a stylish, yet useful football gift for a player or the whole team at the beginning or end of the season.
  • Sturdy plastic tag
  • Loop Included
  • Multiple sizes available: Small (L 3.5" X W 1.75") Medium (L 4" X W 2.75") Large (L 5.5" X W 3")
  • Option of printed personalization, blank back, or fill out personalization with permanent marker