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  • Posted by: Gone For a Run on Apr 2, 2020

    Exercise is a science backed way to strengthen your immune system. Many studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are less likely to experience seasonal flu’s and colds. When you run your muscles contract, and this increases blood flow which mobilize immune cells. These potent immune cells defend against viruses that enter the body.
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run on Mar 27, 2020

    Gone For a Run offers valuable cross training programs and visual guides including video instruction for your ongoing fitness and health. Cross-training strengthens your muscles and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Posted by: Ryan on Mar 9, 2020

    Like many runners around the world we kicked off 2020 with anticipation for all the miles ahead of us this year! The rapid spread of Coronavirus has us questioning how runners and races around the world might be impacted. COVID-19 has affected people on multiple continents and this virus outbreak is destined to continue to spread throughout the word.
  • Posted by: Alexis on Sep 26, 2019

    At the core of ChalkTalk SPORTS and Gone For a RUN's missions is supporting our community as well as charitable organizations. We are proud to donate thousands each year to many organizations around the nation. Recently we had the opportunity to support a local organization close to our hearts and the hearts of our 3 office dogs, who are all rescues! As soon as we heard about the animals at the Connecticut Humane Society needing blankets for bedding, we knew we had a cozy solution for them!
  • Posted by: Alexis on Aug 2, 2019

    It seems simple but deciding the correct Hockey Stick length for your player can make a big difference in their performance and enjoyment on the ice! Since the length of a hockey stick directly impacts a player’s performance, it is critical you select the correct stick length. Deciding where to make the correct cut is based on various factors including your level of experience, position, flex level, player style, and player strengths.
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