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Everyone loves waking up on Easter and finding a special basket waiting for them. It’s one of our greater traditions, though those of us who have to make the baskets sometimes wish we actually did have the help of the Easter Bunny when it comes to getting the basket just right.  We decided to play Easter Bunny and choose great sports gifts and fill baskets with them in order to make shopping for your favorite player a breeze this Easter… and the best part is, you get to take all the credit for just how awesome the basket is.  Here is just a sampling of what we have put together for Easter 2017,  baskets I know you will love to set out – and your favorite player will love to find on Easter morning.

Softball Home Run Easter Basket

Home Run Softball Easter BasketYour favorite softball player will be thrilled to wake up this Easter and find an an overflowing Easter basket that contains moisture-wicking woven performance socks – ideal for game days and practices,  a stylish oval room sign and a car magnet, a GripBand braided headband that keeps players’ hair out of their eyes, a blue softball T-Shirt, a great looking softball necklace players will love to wear, and one mystery egg, containing a gift card valued anywhere from $5 to $50.

Baseball Home Run Easter Basket

Grand Slam Baseball Easter BasketPerfect for baseball players and fans alike, this Easter basket is full of great baseball gifts, including a pair of woven socks that wick away moisture and are super comfortable both on and off the field, a fun 14” inflatable baseball, a warm and cozy fleece-lined knit hat, a wooden room sign,a hematite and wooden beaded bracelet,  a baseball T-Shirt, and one mystery egg which contains a gift card valued anywhere from $5 to $50. Sure to thrill anyone who plays baseball and is certainly more exciting than the standard Easter basket full of candy and jelly beans with questionable flavors.

Hockey Top Shelf Easter Basket

Top Shelf Hockey Easter BasketNot sure what to get your favorite hockey player this Easter? We stuffed an Easter basket with a ton of great hockey gifts that are sure to put a smile on that player’s face.The basket contains one regulation hockey puck, moisture-wicking woven socks that are perfect for wearing with skates to keep feet comfortable and dry, a wooden room sign, MobileDOTS home button stickers for phones and tablets, an oval magnet, a fun inflatable hockey stick that’s a great decoration, an ergonomic hockey water bottle that’s ideal for practices and games, a hockey T-Shirt, and one mystery egg that contains a gift card valued anywhere from $5 to $50. You won’t find a better way to treat a hockey player this Easter, and it all comes pre-packaged in a great Easter basket that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Guys Lacrosse Laxtime Easter Basket

Lax Time Guys Lacrosse Easter BasketWith a bit of everything for a guys lacrosse player, our super-sized lacrosse Easter basket included a pair of lacrosse swim trunks that are sure to be a summer favorite, a pair of moisture-wicking mid-calf socks that are perfect for practices and games, a lacrosse stick pen ideal for taking notes in class or at practices, an oval magnet, MobileDOTS home button stickers for phones and tablets, and one mystery egg that contains a secret gift certificate valued anywhere from $5 to $50. The ideal way to show a special lacrosse player how much he means to you and make this Easter one of the best ever.

Girls Lacrosse Love Lax Easter Basket

Girls Lacrosse Love Lax Easter Basket

Lacrosse girls will love this lacrosse Easter basket bursting with great girls lacrosse gifts including a handy cosmetic bag/pencil case for fierce players, a lacrosse T-Shirt and a pair of moisture wicking mid-calf socks that are super comfortable for games and practices, plus a fun lacrosse stick pen to take notes with and an adorable lacrosse dog magnet, as well as one mystery egg that contains a gift certificate worth anywhere from $5 to 50. A great way to make this Easter particularly special for your favorite girl who lives the lacrosse life.

We have plenty more sports-themed Easter baskets, including additional softball, hockey, and lacrosse baskets, as well as ones for guys and girls soccer, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, running, field hockey, and crew.

Want to make your own Easter basket?  If you’d rather select your own gifts, we have some suggestions that the player you’re making a basket for will love – as well as special Easter gifts for anyone who plays or loves a sport including belts and sunglasses; tank tops, T-Shirts, and sweatshirts featuring our exclusive designs, flip flops, and lots more.

No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have a happy Easter with one of our carefully curated Easter baskets, with gifts chosen by players and fans, for players and fans, or any of our fun Easter-themed sports gifts for a memorable and fun Easter.

Happy Easter from ChalkTalkSPORTS!