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Create Your Dream Softball Bathroom

Be proud – display your softball pride like never before! Here are a few items that can simply transform your bathroom into the ultimate softball themed paradise.

Step 1. Softball SportWORDS


Have your teammates autograph their names with a silver marker onto this wooden decorative SportWORD. Rest the signed item onto a shelf or hang on the wall using a hammer and nail. You can purchase these decorative SportWORDS (pen included) at


Step 2. DIY Softball Soap Dispensers




Get crafty with these super easy DIY Mason Jar Soap dispensers. Use them for soap or lotion! These dispensers are made from typical household items – no power tools necessary! It is a fun, inexpensive project to do with friends and family; not to mention a wonderful addition to your sports themed bathroom.


**This project requires adult supervision. The objects are sharp, so please use with caution! Parents building with their children should not let them handle the objects in this section, as it may be harmful. 

1. Empty soap and cut your bottle:
– Empty Soap into a cup and rinse the bottle.
– Using your scissors or a utility knife, cut off the top part of the bottle.

2. Measure the bottle opening:
– With the jar lid screwed on, flip the open soap bottle upside down and center onto the lid. Use your marker to trace the circumference of the opening of the bottle.


3. Cut the hole:
–  Using your nail, hammer holes around the inside edge of your trace mark.
**The holes should slightly touch each other.

– Carefully remove the center.  Flatten the jagged cut edges on the back side of the lid by pressing the edges with your flat head screwdriver. Work the metal until the opening of the bottle fits into the hole and is safe to touch.
**Be careful not to cut yourself! These edges are SHARP! Do not allow children to perform this task.


4. Assemble your dispenser:
– Insert your cut bottle top into the hole, and screw the dispenser into its counterpart. If measured correctly, you will not need to apply glue.
– Make sure your dispenser straw fits in your jar. If it’s too large, use your scissors to snip the end to the correct size.








1. Apply acrylic based paint or old wall paint
Use a paint brush or sponge brush. Do multiple coats if necessary.
To make the Ball logo more apparent, let the paint dry then gently buff the letters using your sandpaper.

2. Create your design
Baseball and Softball: use a sharpie marker to line the stitches and illustrate the holes. Then, with the red acrylic paint, use a small detail brush to paint the stitches. Using the holes and line as your guide, make stitches that form a wide V.
Football: Using white acrylic paint, with a small detail brush, paint the lines and stitches.


4. Dry and seal
Allow time to dry and seal the paint using your acrylic coating spray.
Garnish your jar with twine rope and tie into a bow.


Feeling extra crafty? These jars can be decorated in any sport with a ball: basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!

Step 3. Customized Aluminum Sign


Using a hammer and nail, hang an aluminum softball sign on your bathroom wall or simply rest it on a shelf, behind the faucet, or on the toilet lid. You can find several creative sports inspired signs on where you can choose from multiple sizes and color combinations. There you can customize your sign by adding your name and number.


 Show off your softball pride by following these three steps. Soon you will be on your way to having the perfect softball inspired bathroom.


Is softball not your thing? Check out other sports related items on and convert your bathroom into any sports theme you’d like!

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