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ChalkTalk SPORTS Donates To American Red Cross Supporting Lifesaving Mission During COVID-19 Pandemic

ChalkTalk SPORTS and its sister company Gone For a Run launched a series of virtual running events for adults and children during the COVID-19 emergency. The goal of the virtual race series was to encourage everyone to keep active and set goals during that difficult time and at the same time donate a percentage of the entry fee to the American Red Cross. To date ChalkTalkSPORTS has donated $22,000 dollars to the American Red Cross to assist in COVID-19 emergency services.

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The American Red Cross made the following announcement of the donation on June 2, 2020

The American Red Cross Announces Support for COVID-19 from Gone For A Run and ChalkTalk SPORTS
Virtual Races Help Spur Donations

SHELTON, Conn. — June 2, 2020— The American Red Cross is recognizing Gone For A Run and ChalkTalk SPORTS for their generous donation of $21,000 through their virtual race series "Running is NOT Canceled." Their donation will help the Red Cross continue to deliver its lifesaving mission nationwide due to this public health emergency.

At the end of March, after the COVID-19 crisis had shut sports activities down, GoneForaRun.com saw the need to help empower people to keep active and continue to run to stay healthy. Knowing first-hand how beneficial running can be for maintaining a healthy body and mind, Gone For A Run sought to provide motivation for people to keep running while also helping others. Through its Virtual Race Series, Gone For a Run created the Running Is Not Canceled Virtual 5K Race, a unique race where runners and walkers can register for the race, receive their race package and run their 5K (3.1miles) on their own schedule and wherever they'd like to run. With this race, $5 of each race purchase was donated to the American Red Cross.

"We are grateful for the support of Gone For A Run, ChalkTalk SPORTS and to the community of runners who participated in this unique fundraising event,” said Mario Bruno, CEO, American Red Cross Connecticut and Rhode Island Region. “Because of their collective generosity, the Red Cross is able to continue to deliver its mission during this challenging time."

In addition to the virtual races, Gone For a RUN also created a full line of "Running is Not Canceled" merchandise and a $5 donation was made to the American Red Cross for every item purchased. Also, the ChalkTalkSports.com brand created a line of tee shirts called "Sports Will Be Back" donating $5 of each sale to the American Red Cross.

"ChalkTalk SPORTS Group of brands is proud to have been able to support the American Red Cross through our GoneForaRun.com Virtual Race Series," said Julie Lynn, CEO and Founder, ChalkTalk SPORTS. "This extraordinary organization saved our youngest son's life so it very dear to our heart. Due to an unknown rare blood antigen incompatibility we lost our third son. This same incompatibility risked the life of our fourth son at 30 weeks. If it wasn't for the amazing work of the American Red Cross to find and make available two pre-natal blood transfusions that saved his life."

To date this community of runners and sports enthusiasts have raised over $21,000 for the Red Cross through May 19, 2020. For more information on how you can support the American Red Cross visit RedCross.org/donateopens a new window.

American Red Cross Donation Check from Gone For a Run