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ChalkTalkGRAPHIX Wall Decal Application Instructions

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Determine where you would like your decal and make the necessary measurements to be sure it is applied straight and in the correct position. Be sure your wall is clean and dry. It is also important the surface and smooth and not textured.

Take hold of your decal and you will notice that there are 3 layers. The 1st layer is transfer paper, the 2nd layer is the decal and the 3rd layer which is the paper backing to the decal. Slowly peel the paper backing from the transfer paper. The decal will be left sticking to the transfer paper.

Place your decal on the all wall with the transfer paper (the sticky side on the wall). Stand back and make sure this in the position you want for your decal. Take a piece of thin hard plastic or credit card and gently smooth out the surface. Start this smoothing out form the middle and work outward. This will remove any air bubbles and set the adhesive.

Once you have smoothed out your decal you can remove the transfer paper. Start from one corner and VERY slowly and carefully peel away the paper making sure your decal doesn't peel up with the paper.

Enjoy your ChalkTalkGRAPHIX Wall Decal!

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