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    PR SOLES™ are specifically designed for runners to provide the most comfortable footwear for before or after a run to promote recovery of sore and tired feet. Just step into these super comfortable sandals featuring ACUPOINT™ soles to have your feet massaged as you walk. PR SOLES™ are lightweight, breathable, waterproof and feature our unique foam cushioned ACUPOINT™ soles for ultimate massaging comfort that both refresh and energize your feet.  

    How Do PR SOLES Work? The unique raised “triggers” on the ACUPOINT™ soles activate nerve endings in the feet that send healing relief through the entire body. These triggers are specially designed to massage your feet improving circulation and breaking up painful lactic acid and uric acid that accumulate in the feet after a run or any extended time on your feet. 

    Recover Faster and Smarter By slipping on PR SOLES™ after a run or activity, the triggers will immediately engage your feet to increase circulation and nerve stimulation which benefits the entire body. Here are just a few of the benefits of applying massaging action to the feet: 
    1. Improves circulation by stimulating blood flow, which will refresh the feet and legs. 
    2. Breaks up accumulated wastes such as lactic and uric acid in the feet. 
    3. Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain. 
    4. Reduces swelling and tension.
    5. Stimulates nerve endings benefiting the entire body.
    6. Feet and legs recover faster.

    First Use When wearing PR SOLES™ for the first time, some people may experience slight “ouchies” from the massage trigger points. This is normal for some feet to initially feel a little sensitive. Your feet will adapt quickly and you will soon be saying “ahhh...”

  • Features
    • XS Fits Women's 5.5-6 and Men's 4.5-5
    • XL Fits Women's 10-11 and Men's 9-9.5
    • Slip-in sandals for ease and comfort
    • Cushioned ACUPOINT™ soles massage feet
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Water-resistant
    • Durable material
    • Gently wash with mild soap


PR SOLES™ Recovery Sandals - Navy/Pink

$29.99 $9.98


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